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Default So you want access, eh?

Well, if you are a member of other forum communities on the internet, then this should not be anything new or different for you.

What IS Salinas Racing?

Every day SALINASRACING.COM (SR.COM) is growing at a rapid pace and is bringing new traffic in as our members are spreading the word. SR.COM is not a club or for profit organization, but a community built for people with similar interests as enthusiasts of the varieties of racing.

It is not destined or accommodated for one sole type of racing. We at SR.COM welcome ALL type of racing enthusiasts and owners with ALL makes and models of ALL vehicles. As stated, the SR.COM Community is not partial to any type of racing/car/make/model. If you are in the Salinas/Monterey/831 area (it doesn't really matter, actually ), then SR.COM is FOR YOU!

Registration Process:

As our traffic increases, we would like the posting to do so as well. Here we have set up blocked sections for unregistered members. This is a way for us to grow as a community and for you to enjoy the benefits/amenities of being a member.

Step 1:
Follow the link bellow to begin your registration process.


Step 2:
As you are there, please choose a User Name you would like to be shown as when you make posts.

Also, make sure you post a valid e-mail address. This is important because you will need to follow that link in order to further your registration process!

Step 3:
Check the primary e-mail account you signed up with. In that e-mail there will be a link along with scrip. Please follow the link. Your automated e-mail will look like this -

Dear _______,

Thank you for registering at the SalinasRacing Forums. Before we can activate your account one last step must be taken to complete your registration.

Please note - you must complete this last step to become a registered member. You will only need to visit this url once to activate your account.

To complete your registration, please visit this url:
Step 4:
You will now be given access to the forum! The next step will be to introduce yourself!

If there are any questions or concerns of ANY type, please feel free to contact our Administrators through e-mail at -




**REPLACE (a) WITH @**

Again, we at SR.COM would like to thank you all!


We at SR.COM DO NOT condone street racing. We serve as a forum community for individuals to express themselves freely at their own self given will. We are not held liable, accountable and/or responsible for any material or actions posted on SR.COM by its users.

We serve as a data hosting website with articulate amounts of sections, each open to the general public to post freely.

We encourage you to keep it off the streets and ON THE TRACK!

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